LLusion Shares New Single ‘walk but in a garden’ ft. mxmtoon
Orange County artist and producer LLusion (pronounced “loo-zhuhn”) has teamed up with Bay area artist mxmtoon to deliver his smooth new single walk but in a garden, out now.

I am really enjoying mxmtoon's nostalgic vocal delivery and how they soar effortlessly over the laid-back production which is packed with wistful piano chords, an ethereal hum and glitchy cymbals. walk but in a garden is one of those songs I play when I want to relax and I am really enjoying how the song has a feel-good, summer atmosphere which makes it perfect for these hot sunny days ahead of us. Have a listen to this blissful tune below!

Speaking about the snog, LLusion said,
It’s always just been a feel-good song. Every time I hear the first piano chord, it automatically makes me think about last summer and how my life changed forever. ‘walk but in a garden’ has a lot of meaning to me. I love what mxmtoon does. She’s singing a beautiful verse on it. With her on it, it sounds complete, like it was meant to be this way all along.