Lil Eddie Shares ‘Still’ Music Video
American singer, Multi-Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Lil Eddie has just shared the official music video for this gorgeous single Still. With credits for artists ranging from JLo, Jessie J, Keith Richards, and P Diddy, the video for Still proves the multifaceted artist to be a force of nature across the musical landscape.

I am loving the song which beautifully combines stripped-down piano melodies and a raw, emotional vocal performance from Eddie, making this quite an enthralling listening experience. The tone of Lil Eddie's voice is very distinctive and you can feel the emotion pouring from his heartfelt delivery. The music video is a touching and poignant display of urgent humanitarian issues, highlighting the message that no matter how difficult a position the world finds itself in, love and positivity will prevail. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song/video, Lil Eddie said,
I wanted to sing a story about the things in life that make you still. The beauty of love. When all else fails, love prevails. In such a historic and devastating time, I wanted to remind people that in a time of stillness we must remember what matters most. People! We all need each other and together we can overcome anything.