Liam Morrison Shares New Single ‘Open Up’
Australian DJ/Producer Liam Morrison has just shared his brand new single Open Up, a cool piece of Tech/Progressive House music out now on Hungry Koala Records.

I am loving the song's driving beat and how it nods to some more classic Trance vibes which make the song instantly addictive. Liam raises the tension with Progressive filtering and gorgeous synths before letting loose a huge bass stack that supplements the melodic content – offering a more brooding atmosphere. I am also loving how the vocal pattern enhances the song's hypnotic touch and how the production of Open Up throws the listener between euphoria and underground prowess by combining uplifting mid-2000s Progressive House pluck with a killer bass. When I thought the song had nothing else to give us, Liam drops a slamming bassline with added LFO and potency to get us going. Open Up sounds like the best song for a late-night set or for those cool poolside parties during the summer. Check it out below!