Josh On Caffeine Shares New Single ‘Forward’
Australian singer and songwriter Josh On Caffeine has just shared his brand new single Forward, a relatable song about feeling suffocated and wanting to disappear.

I think most of us can relate with Josh On Caffeine's storytelling, I especially do and I like how the production allows for his story to soar effortlessly. I am really fond of the tone of his smooth vocals and how they soar over the intimate production packed with lush synths, emotive piano chords and an infectious beat. The electronic production of this song is quite soothing and somewhat atmospheric, which makes it perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Josh On Caffeine said,
I wrote this song in a time where I needed to just disappear without notice, away from the people around me. I felt suffocated for a time and I was going around sabotaging all my relationships and pushing everyone away thinking it would be for the better.