Dan Croll Shares New Single ‘Hit Your Limit’
British singer and songwriter Dan Croll is set to release his new album Grand Plan, out on August 21st via Communion Records, and one of the latest songs to be lifted from this project is called Hit Your Limit. 

Hit Your Limit tells the next chapter in the story of Croll's migration to the US and focuses on the common troubles in everyday life, the idea of going through them in a strange and unfamiliar city. The song gives us a raw and intimate look into the anxiety and uncertainty one faces and is beautifully backed by a polished production packed with groovy guitars, punchy percussion and a chorus that is perfect to sing along to. Have a listen to this lovely song below!

Speaking about the source of inspiration behind Hit Your Limit, Dan Croll said,
'Hit Your Limit' is about the burn out that we all eventually feel at some point in our lives. It's inevitable we’ll all experience it, even more so if we lead busy lives or live in a big bustling city. In this instance a friend of mine fell ill, and whilst the inner hypochondriac thought it was some deadly disease I had to reassure them (like friends and family still have to do for me) that it was just exhaustion. They’d simply hit their limit, and needed rest.