CatchTwentyTwo Shares New Single ‘Serenity’
American singer, songwriter and producer CatchTwentyTwo is back with another gorgeous single titled Serenity, the fourth track from his new EP, Caught In The Moments, out now!

CatchTwentyTwo said that this is his most personal song on the EP, his most sensitive and honest delivery that talks about serenity and caring, reminding him of a connection he had with someone special. I am really enjoying the retro vibe of the song and how CatchTwentyTwo uses the classic dx7 like an old 80's ballad packed with dreamy synths. I also enjoy his smooth vocals and how this song is perfect for a laid-back day at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, CatchTwentyTwo said,
this song is simply about serenity, caring. this song means alot to me because it reminds me of a real situation with someone i know, i will always have love for them even if things dont work out, because of everything they do for me, from the small things like making sure im hungry and holding me, feeling serenity.