ARI Shares ‘Cold War’ Music Video
21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter ARI (real name Arianna Hicks) has just shared the official music video for her new track Cold War, the second single to be taken from her upcoming EP, IDIOTGRL, set to arrive later this month.

Cold War tackles ARI’s paranoia as she struggles to blend her personal and musical identity, finding herself torn between her life back home versus the new challenges that face her as an artist in the States. This is a personal song for ARI but can be very relatable to everyone that is facing new challenges and feels torn between "two worlds". I am really enjoying the gently plucked guitar strings throughout the song and how gorgeous her vocals are. Cold War is an infectious piece of pop-rock music with a powerful and memorable (somewhat anthemic) chorus that I think you guys will enjoy.

To accompany the release, ARI has shared its official music video, directed by Nicole Davis & Phil Harris, and beautifully depicts these contrasting thoughts as ARI sits stoically in the middle of two different scenes, unable to choose a side. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, ARI said,
I tend to keep my worlds separate. I have amazing people that I grew up with in Toronto, as well as a second family in LA that I’ve found through my music journey. I’ve always been scared that these worlds, while coexistent, wouldn’t mix. I have a small circle of friends to begin with, so the thought that the people I love may not get along is a fear of mine. This song is about those worlds colliding and my paranoia of them not being able to exist as one.