ROSA Shares New Single ‘BLOW’
Amsterdam based newcomer ROSA is back with a gorgeous new single titled BLOW. This captivating piece of soulful electro-pop music touches on his personal battles with mental health, depression and drug abuse.

BLOW is about a man coming to terms with not only his drug problem but also the root of his drug problem: depression. It is a confrontational testimonial of a traumatized kid who mastered the art of pretending. ROSA has suffered from depression and I believe many of us can relate with this struggle. BLOW refrains from metaphors and symbolism to avoid romanticizing the problem. Instead, ROSA rips the band-aid off and addresses his addiction head-on.

To accompany this beautifully-written song, ROSA has shared its official, self-directed, music video which is a stunning work of art and perfectly paints his experience. The video is a surreal amalgam of grandness emphasizing the initial euphoria of cocaine use and eventually grim deterioration as the high comes down. The song title is a double entendre doubling as the slang term for cocaine simultaneously meaning implosion if one doesn’t deal with their issues accordingly. ROSA wrote, composed, produced and arranged BLOW alongside Joveek Murphy and Axe Hessel, ROSA’s main guitarist. Check it out below!