Moodssupply Share New Single ‘Imagination’
Dutch Studio Experience Extravaganza Moodssupply have just shared their brand new single Imagination, a soulful nu-disco piece of music.

As soon as I heard those groovy guitars I knew I was in for a treat. Moodssupply are passionate about soul, funk and disco music and you can hear those influences in Imagination. This song inspires the listener to give love in the current time of isolation and is beautifully wrapped around a feel-good blend of soul, funk and disco elements. I am loving how the song is a duet with both male and female vocals flowing effortlessly over the smooth production packed with funky guitars, lush synths and an infectious beat. I am also loving how they song instantly put me in a good mood and wanting to dance. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Moodssuply said,
We are proud to present our new release “Imagination”, a Soulful Nu-disco duet which inspires for giving love in a time where isolation seems to become normal, and digital contact becomes the standard. A shout out to all the people at home to rely on better times coming. We sure hope you will acknowledge the rising quality of productions that Moodssupply brings out.