Julia Viktoria Shares New Single ‘Things We Never Had’
19-year- old Swedish singer and songwriter Julia Viktoria is back with her brand new single Things We Never Had, her second single of the year!

I am really enjoying her dulcet tones and how they soar effortlessly over the upbeat electro-pop production. The emotive piano keys set the tone for a story of sorrow, anger and surprise following a tough emotional breakup. Dealing with a tough breakup can really be quite emotional and Julia perfectly captured those feeling in this lovely piece of electro-pop music with lush piano keys, cool synth lines and infectious beat. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Julia said,
Things we never had, is a story of what happened to me. It’s my truth, my experience. It tells about when love disappears and not being what it once was. It describes my feelings of this particular breakup. When I realized that all the dreams and hopes I had, never gonna happen.