MARBL Shares New Single ‘You (Make Me Feel Brand New)’
Israeli Folk/Pop singer and songwriter MARBL has just shared her brand new single You (Make Me Feel Brand New), a song about beaming out signals, to be received and returned back to us, creating the coincidences that can bring two souls together.

I am loving her ethereal-like vocal delivery that enhances the song's dreamy and magical atmosphere. I am also really enjoying the melodies packed with lush piano keys and guitar riffs throughout the song which are beautifully paired with an atmospheric vibe that is perfect to get you in a good mood. This is a song that dances around the mystery of love, in a spiritual, physical and intellectual manner and I find it perfect for a relaxing day at home. Its accompanying video is made up of a collage of videos that capture the cycles in nature and I think you guys will enjoy it as much as I am. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song/video, MARBL said,
We’re always chasing something, someone, we can run for years, sometimes we know what for, sometimes it’s our subconscious that’s boost our feet. When we finally get to it, the whole journey makes sense, and that is, I believe, the essence of everything. I had an inner flame telling me to make a collage of videos that I collected and purchased, from photographers from all over the world - to tell the story behind the song.