Olivia Henry Shares New Single ‘Love Me’
Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Olivia Henry has just shared her emotional new single titled Love Me, taken from her new album Expectations, out now.

Love Me is an honest song about struggling to accept ourselves and relying on the love and validation of another in order to feel whole. I think most of us can relate to this song as it is quite descriptive of human nature's longing for validation and the production around it really enhances the emotion of that struggle and pain. Olivia's vocals are quite distinctive and her passionate vocal delivery instantly captures the listener's attention to her beautiful storytelling. I am also enjoying how the strings are beautifully intertwined with the emotive piano melodies, creating an intimate and emotional atmosphere to the whole song. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Olivia said,
In moments where I have struggled with finding acceptance in myself, I have in the past leaned on the love and validation of another person to fill that void. That kind of need is unsustainable, but human. Its pain, sadness, longing–a need for a validation of worthiness. That feeling is where this song derived from.