Emily Keener Shares New Single ‘Do You Love Me Lately?’
Cleveland-based indie-folk singer and songwriter Emily Keener has just shared her brand new single Do You Love Me Lately?, a song that depicts the fragility of romantic love and is taken from her upcoming album, I Do Not Have to Be Good, set to arrive on May 22nd!

I am loving her smouldering vocals which float effortlessly around a slowly pulsing, retro groove that won me over from the start. The guitar melodies and steady percussion create a warm and intimate setting for her honest and relatable storytelling to soar. It's Emily's sweet and rich tones that got me hooked to this song and I love how natural and effortless the whole story sounds, perfectly showcasing her songwriting skills. Do You Love Me Lately? is the product of Emily's imagination of how it would be like to date a woman, which ended up shining a light on her deepest insecurities, touching on fear and vulnerability. It's a great piece of indie-folk music that comes just in time for Valentine's Day. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Emily Keener said,
I let myself get distracted, and watched the storyline play out. ‘Fantasy’ might imply sexiness, and there was that aspect, but really quickly I found myself painting this woman as an unavailable dream-girl way out of my league. I saw the relationship as one that would shine a light on my deepest insecurities.