Christina Munsey Shares New Single ‘crystal skies’
18-year-old American singer and songwriter Christina Munsey has just released her brand new single crystal skies, the lead single from her upcoming debut EP, for me, or for you, set to arrive on March 6th!

What first caught my attention to this song was her gorgeous, honeyed vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the infectious electro-pop production, infusing the song with an emotive and dreamy touch that got me hooked to the song from the start. I am really enjoying the somewhat introspective and melancholic vibe of the song and how honest her songwriting is, showcasing how she delves into her personal experiences and draws inspiration from the world around her. 

I can't stop listening to this song all because of her gorgeous vocals but I've got to say that the whole production is quite smooth, perfect for a laid-back weekend at home alone with one's thoughts. If you're into infectious pieces of electro-pop music with lush vocals, layered textures and atmospheric melodies, then you'll love crystal skies.