Willolux Unveils New Single ‘Safe Spaces’
Willolux, the project of Canadian singer and songwriter Kristina Emmott, has just shared her brand new single Safe Spaces, an anthem for all the outcasts and misfits out there that long to step out of the spotlight so they can be themselves again.

I am really enjoying the somewhat dark folk-rock atmosphere of this song and how it allows her storytelling to flow naturally. I also like her smooth vocal delivery and how she instantly captures the listener's attention to the meaningful lyrics that aim to be a beacon for those that need a safe space within after trauma.  

Kristina Emmott wrote Safe Spaces for her husband after his brother committed suicide. It serves as a sobering reminder that the only safe space one truly has is harvested from the inside out. I am also loving the acoustic guitar melodies and how the electric guitar touches give a rock vibe to the song. If you're into smooth, Folk-infused pieces of rock music with great storytelling and a 90s vibe, then you'll love Safe Spaces. Check it out below!