Alana Rich Unveils Debut Single ‘Shangri-La’
Portland-based singer and songwriter Alana Rich has just unveiled her debut single Shangri-La, an infectious piece of R&B-pop music.

I am really enjoying her sultry vocals and how they flow beautifully over the smooth electronic production. The song shares a positive message of embracing who we are and feeling good with ourselves. I am really enjoying the bass and infectious beat of this sultry R&B jam with a highly infectious pop hook that got stuck in my head after the very first listen.

Shangri-La is an upbeat, feel-good pop/R&B track with sultry vocals that beckons listeners to come as they are and just be. Check it out below!

Prior to Shangri-La, Rich had fallen under a dry spell, cast by the universal struggle we all encounter at one point or another: sacrificing passion for a more ‘reliable’ and ‘conventional’ path. In the midst of battling societal expectations, she sat down and wrote Shangri-La. With the help of UK producer, Mat Diamond, Rich articulates her epiphanic breakthrough in the track, exclaiming:

“Honestly, I’m over wondering if I’m good enough / Because we’re all running from the same, damn ending.”