Louisa Roach
British rock band She Drew The Gun have just unveiled the politically charged music video for their latest single Trouble Every Day,  a reinterpretation of Frank Zappa’s original, with She Drew The Gun frontwoman Louisa Roach re-writing the lyrics to reflect our troubled times. Check it out below!

Speaking about the video Louisa says,
There’s a classic picture of Zappa in an apartment holding a cat and the TV is hooked up to the toilet upstairs, we thought we’d pay homage to the big man and take inspiration for the video from that. The video is all about the TV News filter, about how it defends the interests of capital rather than people. The song is over 50 years old so it’s amazing how much of the social commentary on it still works but I updated some the lyrics to look at the things I’ve seen happening from the TV, from English riots to Extinction Rebellion. It looks at the fruits of neoliberalism, like the rise of the far right and environmental catastrophe, and at the role the media plays as propaganda machine in service of corporate power.