MXMS Unveil New Single ‘What’s My Name’
American duo MXMS, also known as Me and My Shadow, are back with a stunning new single What's My Name, released yesterday in observance of World Suicide Prevention Day.

This is an auto-biographical for singer Ariel Levitan, and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson, on which they pour their deeply personal stories in this dark, melancholic piano-based ballad. I am completely in love with Ariel's hauntingly beautiful vocals and the lush piano melodies really enhance the melancholia of the song, making the message go straight to the heart of the listener.

What's My Name poignantly describes the intrusive thoughts of a young girl who was left behind by her biological parents, who must grapple with her fears and insecurities and endure relentless bullying on a daily basis. I can personally relate to the insecurities and bullying part which makes the song even more special to me. This raw, emotional message is beautifully complemented by Jeremy's classical piano background and Ariel's heart-piercing tenor vocals. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Ariel Levitan said,
I was the painfully shy girl in school that used to walk the hallways hugging the wall. I prayed that no one would notice me. I would constantly hope that one day I wouldn’t be seen as a moving target. I know what it’s like to eat lunch in a bathroom stall. I know what it’s like to want to fit in so desperately that you’ll do just about anything.

It is our sincere hope that this song spreads awareness around the grave consequences of bullying. There is hope after bullying. We salute anyone who has persevered through darkness. Let’s continue the conversation, speak the truth and conquer all hatred through darkness.