Miguel Dias Unveils Debut Single ‘Break Down’
Time for some groovy music!

Portuguese alternative R&B artist Miguel Dias has just unveiled his debut single Break Down, a song he wrote about an experience he had with a girl! 

I am really enjoying how this song perfectly blends different styles from jazz, bossa nova, RnB and pop. Miguel's vocals are quite smooth and I like when he hits those high notes and how beautifully he conveys the emotion of the lyrics. I am also enjoying the groovy guitar and that infectious beat got stuck to my head after the very first listen. There's somewhat of a chilled out atmosphere in this song that makes it quite a memorable and easy listen, making it perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!

Miguel, while a young up-and-comer, is no stranger to music. Having studied classical guitar from a young age, he has since developed a strong ear and sense for what works and what doesn’t. Simply put -- music is nothing but passion, and the only thing that makes him feel truly alive.

Miguel creates at home in his own personal studio, and often collaborates with professional session musicians to formulate his ideas.