Lucy Clearwater Unveils New Single ‘Distracted’

Following the release of her enchanting single Feel Again, Los Angeles-based acoustic singer-songwriter Lucy Clearwater is back with her brand new single Distracted, a stunning song about that relatable, awkward/heartwrenching moment when you run into the love of your life after having just broken up. enchanting acoustic-guitar based lullaby about longing and love.

One of the things I love about Lucy's music is how gifted a storyteller she is and how she creates music that is relatable and feels honest, and Distracted is a perfect example of that. The song is written about a real moment in her life and is easily relatable to everybody that has gone through a breakup. This story is backed by a lush string section where the cello and violin (Which she plays herself) enhance the emotion of the lyrics and elevate the song to another level. Her smooth and sweet vocal delivery is so captivating and stands out over the infectious, orchestral-influenced, melodies. If you're a fan of heartfelt songs with beautiful vocals and stunning string melodies, then you'll love Distracted. Check it out below!

Distracted is the second single to be taken from Lucy's upcoming Feel Again EP and speaking about the song she said,
The lyrics tell a direct account of a night I went out to a concert in Hollywood, right after we ended things and I saw on Insta that he was at THE SAME SHOW. The whole time, I was so "distracted" scanning the room that I didn't even hear the band that was playing.