Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Eylise is back with a gorgeous new single titled Peaks & Valleys, a genre-defiant declaration of awareness and self-love.

I am absolutely in LOVE with her powerful, soulful vocals and how they perfectly convey the emotion of each and every single word she sings. Peaks & Valleys is one of those songs that go straight for the heart thanks to her lush vocals and impeccable instrumentation. Loving the guitars here and the emotive piano keys are definitely what sealed the deal for me.

On Peaks & Valleys, Lauren sings about unapologetically owning every step of your journey, the good, bad, peaks and valleys. The song perfectly combines elements of Soul, R&B and Pop to create a fresh and powerful soundscape that got me hooked from the very first listen. Lauren is not only a gifted songwriter but also an amazing singer with such a beautiful voice that makes me want to hear more from here asap! Check it out below!