Helen Zenzer has dropped her new track 'We're Not Together Anymore' and I love it. To be honest, I fell for it to the first time I got sent it.

It is a real honest track from an artist who actually spends her days working as a paramedic. That in itself caught my eye before I actually even played the single. Let's be honest, it is not every day you hear a paramedic who has a singing career on the side, is it? But, I can see why. That is because Helen has a strong talent and one which I am sure is going to be picked up on in the next few months and years to come.

Furthermore, the new track boasts a country vibe and it provides us with clear proof that Helen Zenzer is a force to be reckoned with. As a result the track shows off her seamless and smooth vocal and Helen who hails from Essex has delivered her vocal performance tremendously well here.
However, when I dig further into the origin of the track I notice that the man behind the hit is Avrio Record's founder John Hawkins. John is the chap who is responsible for putting together the music and arrangement and that in itself excels. Therefore credit to both of them for delivering the goods with 'We're Not Together Anymore'.

Catchy Hit

To sum the track up in three words, I would say it is a catchy confident hit. I cannot see any reason why this track cannot go from strength to strength. Also it is sure to make its way onto many country fans playlists. However, cleverly it does not restrict itself just to the country market and I am sure that an eclectic audience will enjoy this.

You can listen to the new single below.