Franklin x Digital Farm Animals x Sorana Drop New Single ‘Drowning’

London-based, 22-year-old producer and DJ Franklin has teamed up with Digital Farm Animals and Sorana to release his highly awaited debut single Drowning, a highly infectious piece of electronic music that is guaranteed to get you dancing this summer.

I am particularly loving the guitar riffs and lush House piano keys that infuse the song with a summery, feel-good atmosphere that is impossible not to love. Sorana's smooth and dulcet vocals flow effortlessly over the upbeat electronic production and give the song a cool dreamy, ethereal-like touch that feels like a breeze in a hot summer day. 

Drowing has a big room potential and it feels perfect to be played at festivals thanks to its infectious, feel-good energy that instantly put me in a good mood. This is one of those songs that got me playing it over and over again and has that late summer touch that is quite addictive. If you're into groovy pieces of EDM with lush piano keys, awesome guitar riffs, sweet vocals and an overall feel-good atmosphere, then you'll love Drowning. Check it out below! 

Speaking about the song Franklin said,
It’s my first ever release so I’m naturally buzzing to have the song out and it seems fitting that the first person to take a chance on me in the industry (Digital Farm Animals) is the first person I release a song with so that’s really cool and means a lot!
Digital Farm Animal believes Franklin has a bright future exclaming;
Drowning makes me feel immortal. Franklin is going to be the biggest DJ/ producer in the world and if he isn’t I’ll eat my hat. Full disclosure I don’t own any hats.