Dot Mp3 Unveil New Single ‘Twolips’
Canadian Hip Hop collective Dot Mp3 have just shared their brand new single Twolips and I am absolutely in love with it. There is something about smooth vocals and a guitar-centric melody that instantly makes it highly hypnotic and packed with so much sensuality. I am really loving the laid back production that allows vocalist MAL's lush vocals to soar effortlessly and capture the listener's attention from the start.

The songwriting is amazing and has a nostalgic touch which gets the listener reflecting back on memories of better days and past relationships. Written in the summer of 2019, vocalist MAL's bedroom melodies accompanied with playful flows from vocalist JOE provide an emotional performance on the guitar heavy instrumental by PACO. Twolips is part of DOT MP3's upcoming EP, Good for You, which will be released on September 27th. If you're into smooth pieces of introspective Hip Hop-influenced pop music with great vocals, then you'll love Twolips. Check it out below!