COUNTERFEIT. Drop New Single ‘It Gets Better’
Time for some energetic music! London-based, 5-piece band COUNTERFEIT. have just shared their first release on Lava/Republic Records with their unifying protest song, It Gets Better, out now!

I am really enjoying the intro's spoken-word part which instantly commands attention and builds to a highly energetic and anthemic chorus that is set to inspire anyone who is having a difficult time in their lives. Jamie Bower's distinctive vocals are packed with so much raw emotion and energy which makes the song stand out even more. This beautifully-written song is packed with soaring guitars and percussion that enhance the song's overall anthemic atmosphere which is guaranteed to get you singing along to it in no time. It Gets Better is an empowering and uplifting pop/rock anthem that gives hope to all of those that are facing a tough time in their lives. Check it out below!

On the new single and recent signing to Lava/Republic Records the band noted:
We are overjoyed to have signed to Lava Records. We have made a wonderful home at this label and with the team that work there. We are so grateful for the support from everyone at the label and owe immense gratitude to Mr Jason Flom for believing in this band. We feel lucky to be working alongside a man who's experience in the music industry speaks for itself as does his dedication to humanitarian and social justice causes. We feel that both of our hearts are aligned and look forward to creating significant change and progression in the world alongside Jason and the team at Lava. "It Gets Better" is a deeply personal song and its message cuts right to the heart of who we are. Our goal is to bring people together, to dismantle the barriers that divide us as a species and to make a change in the world. We are in a time of need. We need to come together and to learn to love again. Learn to listen again. Learn to talk again. Learn to feel again. Learn to let go and let in. It's a small start but if we try, I do believe that we can start to change things because I myself have learnt that with these small steps it does indeed get better.

Many thanks to Jason, Lava, the team at Universal Republic and most importantly YOU the listener.

With love and gratitude.