Wish I Was Unveils New Single ‘High Hopes’
Wish I Was, the project of Australian producer tyDi, is back with a beautiful cover of Panic! At The Disco's High Hopes, giving it a uniquely danceable and emotionally resonant spin.

This is quite a different take from the original and I've got to say I actually prefer this cover. Loving Geena Fontanella's ethereal-like vocals that give the song a dreamy touch and the production around it allows the emotion and message of the inspiring lyrics to soar. There is a slight touch of melancholia which takes me to those last summer holidays when you look back and the good times before having to go back to the normal day to day. This is quite a beautiful cover with a danceable touch perfect for the remaining days of our summer. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song tyDi said,
This is actually the very first cover that I've ever done in my career, I've always been a huge fan of Panic! At The Disco and 'High Hopes' just really speaks to me. Wish I Was has always been about hopes, ambition and wanting to do the things that we dream of musically. It's always a risky move covering a song because you have to be really careful not to just copy the original song. To put a spin on the song I worked with a female vocalist and made it a lot more downtempo (even though it's somewhat dance). There's something slightly melancholy about this take on 'High Hopes' that I hope my fans will enjoy.