Tiffany Alvord Shares ‘Where Would You Be’ Music Video
California-based singer and songwriter Tiffany Alvord has just shared the official music video for her brand new single Where Would You Be, the 4th song to be taken from her upcoming EP.

This is a very relatable song about appreciating every moment we have and knowing that our choices do affect the lives of those around us. Where Would You Be is an emotionally-charged piece of pop music packed with an emotive piano melody and catchy electronic production that perfectly showcases Tiffany's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities. The music video was directed by Spencer D. Evans and perfectly embodies the song's message, showing how the choices we make can affect the lives of others. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Tiffany said,
This song is the one from my EP that means the most to me because after a few events, one after another, of loss and close calls, I felt super anxious about the fact that we never know when It will actually be our last day here or when we might lose someone we love. It made me appreciate every moment. As I reflected, I wanted a song that could mirror how I was feeling as I pondered that life-contemplating thought of "what if". If I knew and truly lived like today were my last, would I make amends, take time to show and tell people that I love them, try harder? So as you listen, I hope you'll contemplate that question and see if there are conversations to be had in your life or people to forgive or even loving and forgiving yourself.