Silona Unveils New Single ‘Course of Life’
Israeli indie / dreampop / folk singer songwriter Silona has just unveiled her stunning new single Course of Life.

The lyrics, which deal about violent and emotion abuse in a relationship, contrast with the smooth, dream-like production that instantly won me over after the very first listen. I am loving her ethereal-like vocals which are super soothing and sound like a magical creature singing us a lullaby. I am also enjoying the touch of melancholia in this song and how the electronic production enhances the emotion of its serious lyrical content. 

Course of Life is Silona’s confession of a violent and emotional abusive lesbian relationship that ended up influencing her creation as an artist, loyal to her own life. The friction between her life story and her melancholic vocals to the electronic colorful orchestra, paints a clear picture of a dream vs. a reality. Silona is definitely a great singer-songwriter and delivers here an enthralling listening experience that will resonate with many of us. Check it out below!