Sea Girls Unveil New Single ‘Violet’
British 4-piece band Sea Girls are back with another highly energetic single titled Violet. I am really loving the fast paced energy of this song and Henry Camamile's vocals soar effortlessly over the upbeat production.

Violet is a bright piece of alternative pop music with soaring guitars, punchy percussion and lush synth lines that give it a retro touch. The energy of the song perfectly matches the feeling of being in love with someone and giving ourselves completely to that person. If you are into high energy pieces of alternative pop music with soaring guitars, awesome drums, lush, shimmering synths, and an anthemic chorus, then you'll love Violet. Check it out below!

Speaking of the track, Henry says,
If our other tracks are the shade, then Violet is definitely the light. There is no tortured soul here, just a boy who avoided the inevitable for years, suddenly realises, and throws himself wholeheartedly to someone who’s made for him. Put your face in a sink of ice cold water and that’s how it makes me feel.