Roman Rouge Unveils New Single ‘Nobody’
Texas-based, R&B pop singer and songwriter Roman Rouge has just unveiled his brand new single Nobody, a song about wanting a reciprocal feeling from the person you like.

What instantly caught my attention towards this song was his passionate, soulful vocals and how they perfectly convey the yearning of the lyrics over the lush production. The song is a stunning piece of R&B with infectious melodies packed with energetic bass and drums which perfectly contrast with his soft, raspy vocals. There's also a velvety, sensual atmosphere that makes the song stand out and perfect for some chilled out bedroom sessions. If you're into sultry R&B music with pop sensibilities and soulful vocals, then you'll love Nobody. Check it out below!

Influenced by the likes of Majid Jordan and The Weeknd, Roman is following a similar path to creating music bursting with personality, whilst encouraging others to be their most authentic selves. Roman reveals,
The main theme of my music is to be aware of why you are who you are, and how you can let your past experiences define you, learn from your mistakes, move on and be better.