Rachel K Collier Unveils New Single ‘Faith Over Fear’
Welsh producer, singer and songwriter Rachel K Collier has just unveiled her brand new single Faith Over Fear, an infectious piece of electro-pop music about perseverance, not allowing fear to hold us back from moving on with life.

I am loving the song's rhythmic touch which just gets my blood rushing and giving me that urge to get up and dance. Her ethereal-like vocals and harmonies are what make the song stand out even more, infusing it with tons of energy and soul. This is a killer song for a Saturday night out and its hypnotic atmosphere is guaranteed to get everybody dancing in no time. Faith Over Fear is a highly vocal-infused, groove-laden track with Collier’s signature heavy percussive textures and lyrical meaning. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Rachel said,
Faith Over Fear is a song that I wrote as a message to remind myself never to give in to the doubts, fears and negative thoughts my brain sometimes likes to taunt me with -even when I was writing this song they were loud and proud telling me that what I was writing was terrible -I hope it helps others on a mission or who are going through a creative process to overcome the fears and go kick ass!