R Plus Unveils New Single ‘Those Were The Days’
Time to dance! British DJ and producer R Plus has just unveiled his brand new single Those Were The Days, an evocative tune that captures the heat of Balearic summers past. I am loving the hypnotic production of this song which is enhanced by Dido's highly recognisable delicate, siren-esque vocals.

Those Were The Days has that nostalgic atmosphere and it perfectly wraps the listener with a woozy, climbing pulsing beat that just makes me want to close my eyes and surrender to that beat. I am a big fan of pieces of EDM that infuse the listener with a carefree and euphoric atmosphere combined with just the right amount of emotion.

To accompany the release R Plus share its official music video which was shot in Barcelona and directed by Charlie Reader. The video transports the viewer back to a suitably euphoric ‘90s summer’s eve and you can watch it below!

Speaking about the video, director Charlie Reader said,
For me, Those Were The Days feels like a very personal reflection on a very specific chapter of life. Perhaps even a specific moment in life. Joyful and oneiric but also laced with sorrow somewhere in its depths. It conjures up that familiar wave of emotion, nostalgia, and euphoria. That happy/sad feeling of youth gone by, but youth spent well.

With the video, I wanted to tap into that nostalgia, but nostalgia alone wasn’t enough. I want people to actually care about the character - feel his emotional journey and empathize with what’s going on behind his eyes. I felt the best way to do that was to shoot this as one uninterrupted cut, locked to his face for the entirety of the film. The build and progression of the track worked well with this visual concept - the slow build and mellow drop that allows for continuation rather than disruption. I hope that the film will stir a knowing smile for everyone that watches and remembers that feeling.