Margot Polo Unveils New Single ‘Let’s Get Out’
California-based indie-pop artist Margot Polo, the solo project of producer David Provenzano, is back with his brand new single Let's Get Out, a bright piece of indie/electro-pop music about struggling to break out of a rut and just go out.

I am loving the upbeat, feel-good energy of this song which is packed with groovy guitars and shimmering synths. The song stays true to his synthpop roots but adds some more alternative rock overtones to create a bigger and more organic sound. His vocals sound awesome as always and I am loving the infectious chorus. Let's Get Out is a great piece of indie-electro music and is the perfect summer road trip anthem! Check it out below!

Provenzano says that lyrically, this song is summer escapism with a hefty dose of millennial malaise thrown in.
There’s a line in the song about ‘going west on Highway 1.’ This is a bit of a dark joke; everyone in California knows Highway 1 goes north to south. If you go west it means you're toppling over the cliffs.” The line was inspired by a passage in a 1985 Amy Hempelstory called Tonight is a Favor to Holly, about two girls who live on the ocean in SouthernCalifornia and use the beach as an excuse to remain stagnant in life. Ultimately, one of the girls drives away, only to realize she wants to head back to the beach.