Marcus James Drops New Single ‘Move On’
Canadian DJ and Producer Marcus James has just unveiled his brand new single Move On, out now on Physical Presents. This song features XYSM and touches on the sensitive subject of mental heath, bringing to light the depths of loneliness, anxiety, depression and their coping mechanisms.

This very relatable topic is perfectly backed by a smooth production packed with melodic inistrumentals and a gently undulating bassline allowing XYSM's signature vocals to soar effortlessly over the infectious beat and give somewhat of a dreamy, ethereal touch to the song. Loving that percussion & guitar licks and the chorus is highly addictive which got me singing to it in no time. Even though the song has a sensitive topic, there's still somewhat of a chilled out, feel-good vibe that I get with the production that feels perfect for the summer. This proves that dance/EDM music has a lot of meaning and feeling and I think you guys will love it! Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Marcus James said,
I'm always trying to create a more cohesive world around my music. One of the ways I've been doing that is sampling pieces from older tracks of mine and sneaking them into my new songs. Some of the chopped up vocals you hear are actually made from another song of mine in which the singer happened to use the words' Move On.' They were sung with a totally different timbre, so I had to change the rhythm and pitch to draw it together in an engaging way.