KDL Unveil New Single ‘777’ feat. Ferras
Norwegian & American music production and artist duo KDL, consisting of Eddie Timmons and Berent Philip Moe, have just unveiled their brand new single 777, featuring the lovely vocals of singer/songwriter Ferras.

777 is a perfect marriage of soulful vocals with Scandinavian Pop melodies which makes it an instant hit for pop music lovers. Ferras showcases both his songwriting skills (which have been used for artists such as Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and Katy Perry) and his soulful vocals that sing about loving someone more than they will ever love you. This beautifully-written song is perfectly wrapped by KDL's stellar pop production packed with lush piano keys, soaring guitars and a highly infectious beat. There is also a touch of ambient to this song that makes it stand out even more. If you're into pop music with good songwriting, soulful vocals and a hypnotic electronic production, then you'll love 777. Check it out below!