Hotknife vs Mister Tee Drop New Single ‘Breakfast’
Time to dance! Scottish DJ, producers, musicians Hotknife vs Mister Tee have just shared their brand new single Breakfast, taken from their eponymous debut album set to arrive on September 6th via Play Records.

Breakfast is a 6-minute plus piece of energetic music that will get you in the mood to go out clubbing in no time. I am loving the disco vibe of the intro and then how the song changed into a darker, hypnotic House atmosphere. The vocals are quite hypnotic and have that trance-like touch perfect for the dancefloors. Breakfast is a sexy, swaggering house music track full of youthful sexuality, with an infectious rhythm and soulful harmonies, making it a perfect song for the weekend. Check it out below!

Employing both live and synthesized elements, Hotknife and Mister Tee draw the best out of each other, dropping rich soul melodies and chucking guitar riffs into an electronic melangé that stays with the listener for days after hearing them.