Grabbitz Unveils New Single ‘King / Ghost In A Song’
Multi-instrumentalist and all-around artist Grabbitz is back with his brand new single King / Ghost In A Song, out now on Ultra Records.

With this release, Grabbitz continues to push the boundaries of organic electronic music by showcasing how dynamic he is as a creative. The first half of has an optimistic, feel-good atmosphere packed with an alternative-laced infectious beat and lush harmonies. The second half is a smoother, more melancholic take about art living beyond death, perfectly backed by a modern hip-hop-infused beat with a moody atmosphere. 

The second half is definitely my favourite part as I am loving how smooth the beat and his vocal delivery are. Alongside the audio, Grabbitz has also delivered a charming dance video to match which finds him and a couple friends delivering coordinated, carefree moves. Check it out below!