Fox and Bones Release New Single ‘Running Free’
Oregon-based duo, Fox and Bones, are back with their brand new single Running Free, a heartfelt and optimistic song about the ebb and flow of life. I am really enjoying how blissful this song is and how it perfectly blends elements of folk, rock, americana and pop to create such an infectious song.

Running Free is one of those songs that get you in a good mood and sounds perfect for the summer and those long road trips. Lyrically, the song explores complex themes of uncertainty, metamorphosis, and faith. Fox and Bones assure the listener that belief in themselves and the future will get them through the hard parts.Check it out below!

Speaking about the song they said,
Being away from home and family for so long is often times challenging, but we’ve felt that as long as we believe in what we are doing, then everything else will fall in line. We wanted to create a song that was uplifting and hopeful that also recognized that tribulations are a necessary part of every successful journey.