FADES Unveil New Single ‘Paradise’
London alternative-pop trio FADES have just shared their third single Paradise (produced by Clifford Goilo (Mimoza, Bakermat) & Luke Jekyll), out now via Raygun Records.

I am loving the intro with the emotive piano keys and sun-soaked guitars and how they perfectly intertwine creating a mesmerising atmosphere before the powerful and energetic chorus kicks in, getting me to sing along to it in no time. Hero Baldwin's vocals are a pleasure to listen to, quite distinctive and powerful, perfectly conveying the emotion of the lyrics. I am also enjoying how the backing vocal harmonies give a haunting and anthemic touch to the song and allow Hero's voice to reach deep into our hearts. If you're into emotive and powerful pieces of alternative-pop music with lush melodies and an infectious hook, then you'll love Paradise. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song singer Hero Baldwin said,
It’s about thinking you’re comfortable in this idyllic state, when really it’s all a farce - like a false Paradise. Be it in a relationship, your day-to-day lifestyle or the current social climate we find ourselves in - I wanted to raise the idea of questioning if you really are in Paradise? Are you really happy on your side of the bed?