Alex Francis Unveils New Single ‘Desire’
British soulful, singer-songwriter Alex Francis is back with a gorgeous new single Desire, a chilled out piece of pop music recorded in New York with Jeff Silverman (Aloe Blacc).

I am loving his raspy and sultry voice and how it soars effortlessly over the laid back production and infuses the track with a touch of soul and emotion. Desire has a sensual atmosphere and I am loving the sun-soaked guitar plucks, smooth percussion and infectious pop hook. This is one of those songs groove-laden soulful pieces of pop music perfect for the radio and for those chilled out, summer weekends at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Alex said,
'Desire came together quite naturally on the basis that the feel of the song felt so good so early on that I just went purely on that before approaching the lyric or the any of the production. I've always been hooked by back beat, groove and strong delivery so those three factors shaped the form the I wanted the song to take. Everybody knows desire in their life on one level or another and this track is my take on a version of that feeling.'