The Cosmic Coronas Cover ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’
New York City-based up-and-coming rock band The Cosmic Coronas are known to deliver infectious rock music with bits of soul, punk, folk and funk, but this time they slow things down a notch with a stunning cover of Dream a Little Dream of Me, a classic 30's song that has hit the highest success with the Mamas & the Papas version back in 1968 with Cass Elliot (Mama Cass) on vocals.

Covers are always tricky as they have to be true to the original but also bring something unique and original to the table, and I think The Cosmic Coronas did that. Lead by Alexa’s soulful, vintage vocals this cover has a catchy electric guitar part that gives a gritty touch to the song and really makes it standout from the rest. But to me it's all about the soothing melodies and Alexa's vocals that got me hooked to this version which you can listen to below!

Speaking about the cover the guys said,

We're a versatile band so we were looking for a challenge. One of our guitar players is a partial insomniac and when he can't sleep he has these quick little dreams... one of which was having tea with Mama Cass... seemed like a no-brainer from there.