Neoni, the project of American sisters Caitlin & Sidney, have teamed up with epic artist UNSECRET to deliver a highly infectious piece of electro pop music titled Fallout.

What drew me towards this song was its intense, apocalyptic touch and dark atmosphere. Their vocals sound incredible, especially the harmonies which enhance the song's emotional depth. They give me vibes of Lorde and the songwriting is impeccable! Loving the stormy and dramatic vibe of the song and those delicate piano keys really standout in the energetic electronic production.

Fallout draws inspiration from movies like Dark Phoenix & shows like The 100 to create a cinematic atmosphere by blending modern electronic sounds with alternative rock. I am loving its powerful melodies and the energy of that infectious chorus that got me singing along to it in no time. I also think this song would be perfect for the soundtrack of epic videogames or science-fiction movies/tv series. This is such a great song and I think you guys will love it! Check it out below!