NEO NOIR Drop New Single ‘Taking It’s Toll’
LA based Future Music collective NEO NOIR, based around producers Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan, have just unveiled their brand new single Taking It’s Toll, featuring Nate Kreiswirth, out now on their newly formed label Music Noir.

Taking It’s Toll is an introspective piece of pop music with an infectious electronic production that makes it quite memorable. I like the way the chorus has somewhat of an anthemic touch which makes it perfect to sing along to. I am really enjoying Nate Kreiswirth’s raw, emotive vocals which enhance the song's emotionally-charged lyrics.

This song draws elements from several genres with its syncopated horns echo over tuned 808’s and crescendoed vintage synths reminiscent of Miike Snow meets Mumford & Sons meets Flume while keeping the focus on Nate’s vocal performance. Check it out below!