LEVELSEVEN Unveils ‘Your Lust’ Music Video
LEVELSEVEN, the moniker of Canada-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer Nina Platiša, has just shared the official music video for her debut single Your Lust, a song about falling in love.

The captivating video was directed by Nina along with Katarina Šoškić and focuses 100% on Ninashows Nina and her intimate interaction with the camera and interpretation of the lyrics through movement. It is raw, intimate and vulnerable and you can watch it out below!

Your Lust is such an emotional piece of electro-infused R&B music with rich textures and an overall introspective touch. Loving her smooth, soothing vocals and how they give the song a hypnotic, chilled out atmosphere. This is quite an impressive debut and speaking about the song and video Nina said,
Writing this song brought me back to music after a long time away from it. It is also a song about a moment that has changed my life a great deal. So one of our key ideas for the film was that it would be about me revealing myself –showing the features, both internal and external, that I hope I will be seen – now, as an artist, as well as then, in the moment that the song describes. There is an enormous amount of vulnerability in that and by making the film with one of my best friends, I felt comfortable enough to generate the sensuality, softness, and tactility demanded by the music. Using an old digital camera that she loves, Katarina was able to fill the close frames with sculptural shapes to create an intimate, moving portrait that adds another layer to the spirit of the song. I then sought to chase that movement in the edit, creating a kind of dance between the song’s component elements.