KONGOS Unveil New Single ‘Western Fog’
Los Angeles-based 4-piece band The KONGOS, consisting of brothers Johnny Kongos, Jesse Kongos, Dylan Kongos and Daniel Kongos, are back with their brand new single Western Fog, the first single to be taken from their upcoming album, 1929: Part 2, due out on October 1st.

With drums and bass that feel straight out of The Breakfast Club, and a guitar/vocal combo that emits refreshing, 90's alternative air, Western Fog bridges two decades together in three and a half minutes. I am absolutely in love with the guitar melody and killer synth lines that just give the song an infectious dose of energy and rhythm. Check it out below!

The KONGOS brothers all contribute to the songwriting process and take turns singing the lead vocals according to who wrote the song. The band's latest single, written by Dylan Kongos, focuses on internal conflict. Speaking about the song Dylan said,
'Western Fog' is about the unforgiving heaviness we feel at certain times in our lives. Learning how to truly love and sharing that with someone in need, can lift us out of the mire.