Joel Fishel Unveils New Single ‘Darling, My Darling’ feat. Cordelia Gartside
British musician and producer Joel Fishel, part of the pop duo Jack and Joel who reached live finals on The X Factor UK 2017, has jsut shared his very first release titled Darling, My Darling. For this song Joel enlisted the help of London-based singer/songwriter Cordelia Gartside to provide her lush vocals over the infectious production.

I really liked the piano-based intro and how Cordelia's vocals give the song a dreamy atmosphere. This is a bittersweet song that tells the story of a mother singing a lullaby to her children throughout their growing up. Eventually the mother passes away and the now grown child only has the lullaby to remember their mother by. One element that stood out to me was the rock-infused energy from the epic electric guitar solo which enhanced the emotion of the lyrics. Overall, Darling, My Darling is a cool piece of Folk-tinged pop music with indie rock nuances, packed with rich textures and tons of emotion conveyed through heartwarming vocals. Check it out below!