Eleonor Léone Drops New Single ‘Wolf’
Swedish singer and songwriter Eleonor Léone has just unveiled her brand new single Wolf, an infectious pop song written from the perspective of the Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale with narration from famous Swedish actor Stefan Sauk.In this cool, happy pop song we're getting inside the brain of The Wolf.

Creating infectious pop music is definitely in the Swedish DNA as Wolf is a beautifully crafted piece of pop with dreamy melodies and smooth vocals. I am loving the rich textures of the song and the touches of guitar really give it a nice touch. Eleonor's vocals are super smooth and sultry, giving the song somewhat of a sexy touch. If you're into breezy pop music with smooth vocals and catchy hook, then you'll love Wolf. Check it out below!

The Wolf could be anywhere around us. It could be a partner, a colleague, a drug. Something or someone, desperate to take everything from us. And when you finally think it's gone - i'll come back.