courtship. Unveil New Single ‘Amy, Run For The Hills’
Los Angeles based indie-pop duo courtship., consisting of Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, are back with their brand new single Amy, Run For The Hills, a summery piece of pop music about a past relationship.
This song is the follow up of May's Guy Stuff and it stays true to their feel good sound. I am loving its 70's-inspired atmosphere with a funky synth and killer harmonies. Amy, Run For The Hills instantly got me in a feel good mood and I am loving how those smooth vocals flow over upbeat, disco-infused melodies. Their storytelling is quite effortless and draws the listener's attention throughout infectious, sun-soaked melodies. The frenetic drums and shimmering guitar riffs just make the song sound even better and all I want to do now is go to the beach, but it's almost midnight so I'll have to wait.

If you're into upbeat, disco-tinged pieces of music with hypnotic synth lines, lush harmonies and an overall summery atmosphere, then you'll love Amy, Run For The Hills. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song courtship. explain,
'Amy, Run For The Hills" is a song about knowing that a relationship won't work out. If you've ever broken up with someone, you know exactly what we're talking about. But I guess in this case, instead of breaking up with 'Amy' we're telling her to run away, and don't stop running.