Amitė Drop New Single ‘Save Me’
Colorado-based producing duo Amitė, consisting of producers Jorgen Baertsch and Chris Gerber, have just unveiled their brand new single Save Me.

I am loving this song guys! Save Me is an infectious piece of chilled out electronic music that screams summer. Amitė create a beautiful soundscape that takes the listener on a sonic journey that instantly got me in a relaxed, feel-good mood. Save Me is packed with lush melodies and I love the sound of the waves which just enhances its summery atmosphere. Really enjoying how those ethereal-like vocals flow over the trance-like ambience that takes elements from psychedelic sounds, tropical house, acoustic instruments and hip-hop drums. This is a great song to be the playlist of your summer holidays and for those laid back sunset parties by the pool that will get everybody in a good mood. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song the guys said,
Save Me started by playing a couple chords while sitting on a rooftop watching the sunset in Boulder,CO. The ideas flowed and we wanted to replicate the incredible vibe we were experiencing. After hours of idea building and recording, the song started to finally take shape. Over the coming weeks of thorough production and mixing, we are so proud to present our version of a perfect summer jam. Save Me.