X-change & Aubrey Toone Unveil New Single ‘Dreamy Times (Vocal mix - I Feel Ya)’

X-change & Aubrey Toone Unveil New Single ‘Dreamy Times (Vocal mix - I Feel Ya)’
I'm melting over here guys and I've got a great song that perfectly matches this summery day! Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter Aubrey Toone Aubrey Toone has teamed up with DJ and Producer X-change to deliver a feel-good piece of electro-pop music titled Dreamy Times. Her lovely vocals are the star of the song and flow effortlessly over the chilled out electronic production.

This vocal mix is such an easy listen and instantly put a smile on my face. It's an infectious melodic piece of electro pop music with a sun-soaked and chilled out atmosphere that makes it perfect to be played at every sunset party by the beach this summer. If you're into feel-good dance music, then this one is perfect for you. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Aubrey said,
X change and I worked on this song as a collaboration. He’s been amazing to work with and we had a lot of fun throwing this together. When he sent the track over he said he loved the title “Dreamy Times” and I took off from there. The words came quickly and after a draft or two the song was complete. This song is about missing somebody, and the longing and mourning that brings, but looking outward and realizing that the people we love are in everything we do, see and experience. I feel ya vocal mix, is a message that even when you are alone, those you love can still be with you.
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